An AI-powered Digital Health Platform

Drew Morris | Jan 10th, 2024
An AI-powered Digital Health Platform

We partnered with an innovative digital health company, embarking on a mission to quickly and easily identify patients by risk and improve their care. Our collaboration aimed to develop a HIPAA-compliant cloud platform equipped with efficient data pipelines and advanced AI-driven search functionalities, setting a new standard for data handling in the healthcare sector.

Project Overview

Faced with the challenge of creating a robust digital health platform, our client required a technology ally adept in navigating the complexities of HIPAA compliance, EHR integration, and AI implementation. The goal was to establish secure, compliant data pipelines and empower the platform with intelligent search and data management capabilities.


  • Secure Data Pipelines: We developed multi-tenant data pipelines, facilitating secure data transfer to a HIPAA-compliant data lake, ensuring each customer’s data remained isolated and protected.
  • Frontend Development: We developed a tailored frontend user-interface that allows users to easily configure data pipelines and automate workflows, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • HIPAA-Compliant Data Lake: The architecture and implementation of a secure data lake provided a robust foundation for storing and processing healthcare data.
  • AI-Driven Search and Data Management: Advanced natural language search, along with categorization and tagging, enabled precise data normalization and retrieval.
  • Technology Stack: Leveraging React, TypeScript, NodeJS, Clojure, and Terraform, we ensured a scalable, secure infrastructure deployment through Infrastructure as Code (IaC) practices.

MedFlow's Website

A screenshot of MedFlow's landing page.

Impact and Outcomes

This partnership catalyzed remarkable achievements:

  • Rapid Development to MVP: Transitioning from concept to MVP in just six months, despite evolving requirements.
  • Early Customer Adoption: Launching with the first client led to immediate expansion, securing a second client shortly thereafter.
  • Sustainable Growth: The technological foundation laid by this project promises a swift recoupment of investments as the customer base continues to grow.

Moving Forward

Looking ahead, we’re poised to further enhance the platform’s automation features, catering to diverse customer workflows. Our commitment to scaling the infrastructure and enriching it with additional AI functionalities underscores our dedication to advancing healthcare automation. This journey with our digital health partner exemplifies the transformative potential of AI in healthcare, promising a future where data-driven insights lead to better patient outcomes and operational excellence.

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