Apple Vision Pro, Our First Impressions

Drew Morris | Feb 5th, 2024
Apple Vision Pro, Our First Impressions

After an immersive few days with Apple’s latest device, the Apple Vision Pro, we’re eager to dive into our initial impressions, dissecting its innovation, challenges, and the broad spectrum of features it brings to the table.

The Challenges

  • Eye Tracking: The selection process via eye tracking initially felt unintuitive. Anticipating text while typing and then needing to consciously focus on each selection disrupted the flow for us, a hurdle for an otherwise seamless experience.
  • Virtual Keyboard: For those of us adept at typing, the virtual keyboard’s air-pushing buttons presented a peculiar challenge, deviating from the tactile feedback we’re accustomed to. The integration with a Bluetooth keyboard is pending, which might alleviate this.
  • Weight & Wearability: The device’s heft was noticeable. Experimentation with the dual loop band for comfort is on our list.
  • Virtual Persona: Utilizing the fake persona during calls, especially FaceTime, proved more unsettling than anticipated, straying into the uncanny valley territory that might limit its professional use.

The Middle Ground

  • Price Point: Given its positioning as a Dev kit equipped with hardware on par with a MacBook Pro, the pricing, while steep, is justifiable.
  • Early Days for Apps: The current app ecosystem is still in its early stages but what is there is impressive and has potential.
  • Battery Life: While concerns about the battery life are there, the long cord makes it less of an issue for home or office use.
  • User Comfort: Concerns about motion sickness and eye strain were mitigated by the device’s quality, offering a genuine augmented reality experience, albeit with a usage cap for comfort.

The Highlights

  • Visuals & Audio: The device’s display and spatial sound are truly groundbreaking, marking a significant leap from early VR technologies.
  • Ease of Use: True to Apple’s reputation, the setup is intuitive, and the device works right out of the box.
  • Security & Sharing: The iris scan for unlocking and the ease of sharing with others has been frictionless – even with the personalization features.
  • Accessibility: For those of us with vision prescriptions, the process of integrating prescription lenses was straightforward and reasonably priced, enhancing the overall experience.

Drew wearing the Apple Vision Pro

Drew from our team wearing the Apple Vision Pro.

Envisioning Healthcare Applications

While the Vision Pro currently captures the imagination as a high-end entertainment device, its true potential might lie in fields like healthcare. Its ability to render complex healthcare data and imaging, as well as patient care experiences in an intuitive, spatial format could revolutionize how healthcare professionals interact with information, enhancing understanding and patient communication.

Concluding Thoughts

The Apple Vision Pro marks a significant leap in XR technology, blending the boundaries between the virtual and the real. While we cherish its current role as a gateway to immersive experiences, we’re equally intrigued by its potential to transform professional fields such as healthcare, making complex data more accessible and interactive. The journey with Apple’s latest innovation is just beginning, and we’re excited to see how it will unfold.

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